4 Things to Remember on Your First Visit to New Zealand

Woman putting sunblock for her New Zealand tripThinking of making your New Zealand the next item to tick off your bucket list? Well, you made a good decision, as the country is among the top destinations for those who want a memorable and enjoyable vacation overseas.

Read on and discover some of the things you need to know about this beautiful country.

Change your money

Not every store in New Zealand has a credit card billing machine so there will be times that you will need cash. If you are from any country outside the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, though, you may have trouble having your money converted into New Zealand dollars as some only accept currencies from the three aforementioned countries.

As a solution, No.1 Currency suggests that you bring US dollars, pound sterling or Australian dollars just to make sure and then have them converted in a company offering money exchange in NZ.

Kiwis are obsessed with coffee

This may surprise you as New Zealand does not really have a reputation as a coffee nation but when you go, nearly every store has its own espresso machine. It helps deal with the cold weather in the South Island as well.

Campervans are the best way to get around the country

Looking to camp somewhere and have the convenience of not loading your baggage on and off every night? Try a campervan, which is so popular in the country, and save yourself from trouble and inconvenience. After all, you are supposed to relax.

Sunblock is a must

Another surprising thing about New Zealand is that the sun can be very punishing in some parts of it. In the North Island and high altitudes, it can be too difficult to walk in the sun with the extreme heat. It is advisable to put some sunblock on your skin.

There are many misconceptions about travelling to New Zealand that you need to verify, but the truth is the country is a beautiful and amazing destination. Always check before you go so you will be prepared.