4 Ways to Child-Proof a Home without Sacrificing Interiors

Home Safety in AucklandChildhood injuries are a serious concern in Australia. It causes more death than cancer and respiratory conditions. It is also the second foremost reason why these kids end up in emergency rooms. But these are preventable, and you can begin by child-proofing your home.

These are many ways to child-proof your home. To top it off, you can do this without having to sacrifice your beautiful interiors. Here are some suggestions:

1. Coffee Tables to Poufs

If you already have a kid, low furniture pieces with pointed edges like your beloved coffee table may have to go. However, you can substitute these with giant poufs, which are not only comfortable and huggable, they are also sturdy to provide sufficient support for some knick-knacks. You get additional seats too!

2. Glass for the Balcony

Just because you have a kid doesn’t have to mean balconies should be closed off for years. Enjoy the scenery while keeping the kid safe by installing a high frameless glass balustrade. The glass is made from a durable material so it doesn’t break.

3. Pinch Guards

You know kids: they can play around with no care until they slam the doors shut and hurt their fingers bad. Avoid these kinds of accidents by using pinch guards. They help cushion your door and prevent the doors from closing fast. They are small, so they don’t really change the overall look of your space.

4. Expandable Baby Gates

Avoid spending a lot on baby gates by investing on expandable ones. This way, you can buy the baby gates initially and purchase the expansions later. These expansions can be several meters high to accommodate different ages and heights of your kids.

Child-proofing and interior design can go together. It just needs creativity and excellent use of practical solutions. Follow these suggestions and you’ll have a pleasing and safety home for everyone.