5 Advantages of Press Fitting

Plumber fixing the pipeMany projects involve working with pipes and making sure that these pipes are properly installed is crucial to completing the job. Traditionally, brazing, welding or soldering can do the job. But today, using a press tool is starting to become the weapon of choice for most pipe professionals.

Here are the top five reasons plumbers, HVAC professionals and other pipe workers are now switching over to press fitting.

1. Speed

Especially when compared to brazing, press fitting greatly reduces the time it needs to connect and seal pipe works. If it is used to repair pipes, there is no need to turn off an entire pipe system to complete the repair because press fitting would still work with wet pipes.

2. Cost-efficiency

Because press fitting takes lesser time compared to other methods, it saves money on labour costs. And because the tools you will use are much simpler than soldering irons, you can also save on training costs.

3. Security

Pipe connections are more secure when press fitting is applied because the press will not complete the job if the pipes are not completely sealed. This also gives the installer peace of mind that joints will be sealed properly compared to welding jobs where spots can be missed causing leaks.

4. Job safety

Since press fitting does not make use of heat or fire, it reduces the risk of accidents or injuries. There is also less safety gear that is required to be worn as compared to doing brazing or welding job. That means it is not much of safety hazard compared to the others.

5. Dynamicity

Press fittings can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, or copper. These materials can work with most pipe systems making it compatible with different applications like gas, corrosives, or water.

While other methods are still popular and effective, press fitting is catching up. Perhaps the next time you have a pipe project, you will remember these benefits and go for the press.