A 5-Point List of Things That Could Leak

garden hose with a leakLeaks happen when the fluid that’s supposed to be carried goes through a crack, hole, or space in its container. When this happens, you could end up with minor inconveniences like dripping noises to serious trouble like water damage, loss of fuel, or sinking.

Here are examples of things that can leak


A lot of industries use flexible polyurethane coating, which is a sprayable lining that can seal leaky pipelines. One such sector would be wastewater treatment plants. They have to make sure their pipes won’t leak sewage water because it’s toxic and smelly.

Faucets And Shower Spouts

Faucets and shower spouts are mechanisms that work similarly. They each have a knob or handle that you can turn so that water would come out. Over time, faucets and shower spouts might start leaking due to repeated use or broken parts.


The hulls of ships could have leaks as well and this could either cause seawater would come seeping in, or leak the fluids contained by the ship out to the sea. This is detrimental because the ship could sink along with those onboard, or the fluid from the ship could destroy the sea’s ecosystem, especially if we’re talking about oil spills.


If you own a car, you may have experienced a leak in the engine. If it’s the air-conditioning or cooling system that’s leaking, water will come out. When this happens, it can be easily fixed with the help of a repair expert.

Preventive Measures Against Leaks

Leaks could happen underneath with pipes, at home with faucets, at sea with ships, or on land with cars. Leaks not only cost repairs and replacements but could cost lives as well. This is why it’s important to take preventive measures like spraying a coating to seal pipes. This way, you won’t have to worry about fluids leaking.