A Speeding Ticket Can Ruin Your Life

the back view of a policemanMany people often ignore the implication of a speeding ticket on their lives, only to pay a hefty price later. Failing to pay such a ticket could unleash a host of costly problems that ruin your driving experience.

The throaty roar of the powerful engine on sports bike can hypnotize you to push the throttle to the limit. While there’s a thrill that comes with such a burst of speed, the cost is often not worth it. That much fun comes with a higher price tag than you’ll be comfortable paying, explains a provider of motorcycle insurance in Chicago.

For starters, you will have costly speeding tickets to contend with, and then, it goes downhill from there. If you’re 11 miles over the speed limit will be slapped with a $100 fine.

A speeding ticket in the mail

If you’re clocked by a speed camera, the $100 speeding ticket will show up in the mail after a few days. If you were doing less than 11 miles over the speed limit, it would be a $35 ticket. If you’re out-of-pocket and can’t pay the fine, the situation compounds.

Missing a payment deadline causes the fine amount to double. What was a $35 fine would become $70, and the $100 doubles to $200. If that happens, you might choose to ignore the ticket and hope that it goes away. Unfortunately, that situation takes a turn for the worse.

A suspended license

Failing to follow up on a speeding ticket prompts the state to act against you. After doubling the fine and still not eliciting a response from you, the state kicks it up a notch. At this point, you will have your license suspended and a suspension notice mailed to you.

If it comes to this, you will be fighting an uphill battle. For one, you can’t ride anywhere without inviting trouble. Secondly, you must pay up all the accrued fines and charges before getting your driving privileges back. Again, it bumps you up into the category of high-risk drivers, and this comes with an increased cost of insurance premiums.

While motorbikes are agile and powerful, you should always fight the temptation to let loose on a highway. One speed ticket is enough to ruin your finances for a very long time.