An insight Into Various Types of Shop Counters

Interior of a retail shopYour shop counters are a critical part of your retail business’s layout and environment. Other than using them as your point of sale cash counters, they function as shelves where you can display your products.

When choosing shop counters for your retail store, there are plenty of options you may consider. Your choice will depend on the nature of your business, your budget, and your location, among other things. Before exploring other shopfitting options, consider the following:

Glass counters

These counters are a popular choice among most people because they are conspicuous and stylish, making your point of sale stand out. In most cases, they are supported by aluminium frames that add to their strength and sturdiness. They are ideal for small merchandise, such as jewellery, phones, and other small electric gadgets.

Timber Counters

Like glass counters, timber counters are also popular among most retail shop owners. Mostly made from MDF boards, these counters are available in a wide range of configurations and prefabricated sizes. They are best suited for shelving products that are a bit heavy since timber is strong and can withhold pressure. Timber counters are best used by large retail chains.

Wrap Counters

If you are in the retail clothing business, then this is the right counter option for you. Wrap counters can be made from wire racks, wood, or wicker. They have shelves and tiered racks for displaying products. They are best used for displaying one-off items that are not found anywhere else in the store. You can find them in many colours, shapes, and sizes, which can be conjoined with rotating units.

Shop counters play an important part in your retail shop. The type that you choose can have a significant impact on your sales and business growth. Whilst the above-mentioned counter options are suitable for small retail shops, large retail shops may require custom-made counters to effectively meet their needs.