Camping Survival Guide: 4 Must-Have Accessories

bluetooth wireless speakersThere’s a lot more to camping than just jumping into your 4WD, prepping some canned food and water, and driving towards the wild. You need to bring some essential gear with you so you can stay out of trouble.

Forget about the traditional style of camping. Getting lost in the wild with nothing but canned meat, water, and a flashlight can be traumatic; it is nothing short of dangerous. There’s no police station nearby. There are no streetlights. And if you’re alone, you may even panic.

Before taking the plunge, these accessories will surely complete your survival kit.

An outdoor charger

Outdoor battery chargers and power banks are necessary for any trip. They usually come with multiple adapters to make sure your handheld devices are compatible. These are extremely handy, especially if you use your GPS or smartphone when camping.

Portable water filters

As you may have a hard time finding a clean source of drinking water, water filters can be extremely helpful. Reusable filtered bottles are popular nowadays and you can easily buy them at department or sporting goods stores.

Portable speakers

Bring a set of wireless speakers with Bluetooth technology to answer calls easily and clearly – that is, if you happen to be in a place with coverage. The majority of portable speakers in the market are made from durable materials, making them camping-ready. These are especially handy for those who cannot go a day without their iPod.

A Swiss knife

You’ll likely need to open a few cans, bottles, or wrappers. A Swiss knife allows you to carry out a variety of tasks when you’re out in the wild. From attaching to cutting and opening, a Swiss knife can be your best friend in the wild.

Of course, nothing beats the fun of camping when doing it the natural way. But as much as you like to keep things simple during your camping trip, it’s also amazing to see how good technology is. From portable water filters to portable Bluetooth wireless speakers, bringing some small conveniences can be helpful especially if you are a first time camper.