Design Considerations for Australian Homes Near the Streets

City view from top on George street in Sydney AustraliaNewer housing projects in Australia are closer to the streets. In an attempt to house more people, developments are considering transport access as a viable selling point for the homes they are building. While on the one hand, it is indeed a great feature, there is the issue of air and noise pollution and other disturbing factors.

Here are some design considerations that will address such concerns:

Installing Blinds and Sunscreens

Housing developments are building upwards. You may be living the high-rise life and loving the view that your verandah affords you, but that comes with too much exposure to the sun. Harmful UV rays can damage your skin and even your furniture. One great way to control the amount of sunlight that gets inside your home is to install blinds and sunscreen louvres from CVS Equipment. You can also choose energy efficient windows and tint the glass, if it’s allowed in your area.


Noise pollution is one of the major concerns when it comes to living close to major roads. Though you get easy access to the streets, it also means you get access to all that unwanted noise. Home developers should be soundproofing the walls of the house as part of their original plans. If not, you can choose to add insulation to prevent most of the noise from penetrating the walls especially when you’re trying to sleep.

Sealing Air Vents

Air pollution is another concern when living near the streets. You have all the emissions to worry about. Seal air vents to ensure that the indoor air quality is not compromised. Clean air filters regularly as well, so that you always have fresh air circulating the house.

There are setbacks to living with transport access, but if you know how to address them, you can take full advantage of a great location.