Expanding Your HVAC Business

Worker assessing an HVAC unit

The big players in the residential HVAC market represent just over 20%, leaving plenty of room for single players like you to stand out and make it big. Scaling significant growth in this highly specialized trade can be difficult, but with a solid strategy, you can be as successful as, or even better than long time players in the industry.

Personalized Service

What small players have that the HVAC big guns don’t is the time and attitude to provide personalized service. These businesses run a big team of workers, and their standard of service is nothing special. You can do things differently by taking the time to know your local community and establish trust and affinity for your customers. Companies like Classic Air Conditioners suggest that you treat your customers as friends, and they’ll reciprocate it with referrals and even more business.

Diverse Product Line

Big players often incorporate a generic, standardized approach to delivering repair and installation services. They stick to conventional systems and cheap materials to handle huge volumes of requests. Don’t settle for that. Diversify your product line and incorporate top-of-the-line HVAC products, such as those on offer at Classic Air Conditioners, as well as products that cater to different lifestyles. The green building trend is also picking up, so try to have that in your product range, as well. Invest in products that add value in the long run. Don’t just create satisfied customers; create a loyal following.

Online Marketing Strategies

You may have managed to sustain your business through traditional word-of-mouth and print advertising, but even the smallest HVAC businesses are now leveraging social media and online marketing platforms. If your business doesn’t exist online, you’re only giving potential customers away to your competitors. Stay up-to-date with search engine rankings and social media exposure, or simply hire the services of a digital marketing agency specializing in HVAC marketing. They have their way of making your local listings stand out. Before you know it, calls and quote requests will come.

Invest in Employee Training

As your customer base expands, you should invest in your people, as well. They will be the ones facing your customers and carrying your brand from one house to another. Train them well, not just in HVAC best practices, but in customer service too. When you’re just starting to build your community’s trust, you should focus your time and energy towards meeting your customer’s needs and wants.

There are many ways to stand above the competition and achieve significant growth in the HVAC industry. The need will always be there, but it pays to align your business goals with your customer’s needs and leverage new techniques in marketing and customer service.