Fuel Handling Safety Tips You Should Know

Fuel tanksThere are now many companies that use mobile fuel tanks for storage. These companies have the option of buying new or partially used fuel tanks, but all buyers should only have one concern: safety.

Fuel handling is serious business, especially when it comes to safety. Rules and requirements are stringent for all companies in this type of industry. Handling fuel for personal use also has its safety precautions because you can never be too careful. Here are a few safety tips to remember when handling fuel, specifically gasoline.

1. Keep fuel away from sources of ignition

This is common sense. Sometimes, many are still careless especially with lighting cigarettes near tanks or containers that are carrying flammable contents. It is also important to keep fuel containers away from any source that emits heat as well.

2. Petrol is only for fuel use and not as a cleaning solvent

Petrol should never be used as a cleaning agent as it is dangerous and highly flammable. It is best to use standard cleaning solutions for any cleaning process.

3. Always have approved fire extinguishers near any fuel storage

When it comes to fuel handling, you can never be prepared enough. This is just one way to make sure that if anything goes wrong near your fuel storage area, you have a fire extinguisher near you.

You should also know how to use the right fire extinguisher. Training is essential in any firefighting plan, and if you have fuel storage tanks, it is best to know how to use the proper equipment in any fire emergency.

Since fuel is a highly combustible substance, it must be handled and stored with proper care. Make sure to follow local government guidelines and policies to ensure that you are in safe hands.