Game On: 3 of the Most High-Paying Jobs in Fitness

“Work hard, play harder” has fast become the motto of fitness-obsessed Australians.

fitnessThe government is making a huge effort to encourage Australians to adopt healthier lifestyles — and it seems like the fitness craze is getting stronger with each passing year. Walk into almost any store and you will notice a range of products promising to help you shed pounds or build muscle.

As more people make an effort to stay fit, there is also an increasing number of career opportunities popping up for fitness buffs — and many of them promise considerably high pay.

If sports for playtime is not enough for you, here are some promising jobs that can propel your hobby into a high-paying career:

Personal Trainer

This is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country today. Personal trainers work with clients on one-on-one programs in either a gym or the client’s home. They assess the physical fitness levels of a client and help set achievable fitness goals.

According to data from PayScale, personal trainers earn an average of AU$25.02 per hour. It may not seem like the most lucrative of careers at first glance, but higher education goes a long way in terms of paygrade.

Group Fitness Instructor

According to fitnessU, group fitness has been a popular choice for fitness buffs. You can do it part-time and teach whatever kind of class interests you the most. As a group fitness instructor, you can teach indoor cycling, aerobics, boxing, Zumba, yoga, and pilates, to mention a few.

There are many certification options out there that can help you get an entry-level position in the industry.

Gym Manager

Saturday Night Live has a regular sketch featuring characters that run a gym; their names are Hans and Franz, and this is what most people think of gym owners. While everything about someone overseeing fitness operations seems like a joke in this recurring sketch, the salaries earned by those in real life are no joke.

Gym managers, on average, earn AU$45,433 per year

The best thing about fitness is that it lays out plenty of options for career choices — whether you want to pursue a degree or ease into it through a certification. Take another look at the numbers on this list. Take a chance and give fitness a try.