Get Started: How to Organise a Landscaping Plan

landscaped garden designAre you one of those people who find landscaping a huge undertaking? If you are, do not fret. This is understandable, as like any other construction project, landscaping requires careful planning. Fortunately, there are tips you can follow to help you organise a landscaping plan.

Design the layout

Whether you are hiring a professional or doing the landscaping yourself, it would be helpful to have already some ideas for the layout you want. Do you want to have a brick pathway beside a rose garden? Do you want a gazebo in the middle of the yard? List down your ideas and, if you can, sketch a rough draft of the layout. This way, you will also have an idea of what construction supplies and equipment to use, notes Timberfix.

Estimate the costs

With your layout draft already in hand, estimate the costs of the project. Go online or inquire at local supplies stores about the building materials prices. Then, make a spreadsheet and categorise the items. For example, under construction materials, you will have lumber, nails, screws, etc., while for garden materials, there are ornaments, plants, stones, etc. Also, do not forget to include the contingency budget (5-10% of the total project cost) and the professional fee of the landscaper if you are hiring one to do the actual landscaping work.

Create a schedule

You do not want the portion of the yard you dug to remain like that for months, right? This is what a schedule is for—to motivate you to finish your landscaping project at the soonest possible time. When creating your schedule, plan the start and target completion dates of your project with the seasons in mind (summer is a good time for any construction undertaking) and be detailed by specifying the activities you will do on each day you work.

Hopefully, these tips have made planning a landscaping project easier for you and that you will soon get started on one of your own.