Goodbye, Winter: Getting Over the Effects of the Cold Season in your Home

The sun is starting to shine and despite the occasional showers, everyone knows that in a few days, winter will finally be over. As people welcome the less oppressive winds of spring, it also signifies the popular activity of the season’s first warm, sunny day – spring cleaning.

While you go all out on dusting your home, there are certain house parts you should make sure the cold weather did not affect. Here are some things you might miss during clean-up time:

winter seasonCheck for Defective Areas

All the ice and cold draft might have damaged the pipes and the roof. Inspect the plumbing that may have frosted during the winter and may cause further flooding. You should also examine your roof for any possible leakage during the onslaught of the snow and ice. Despite Utah’s mild winter, Provo homes need water damage repair to recover from probable winter problems. Neglected cases may result in restorations that are more expensive.

Air Out All Wardrobes and Cabinets

Closed compartments usually retain the mustiness from the clashing of cold outside temperature and the warmer inside temperature. The stacks of unused objects inside these sections also contribute to the stale quality of the air within. After you let in fresh air through your window, make sure you let it reach your closets as well. While you’re at it, take out your clothes and other stuff and sort them. This is also the time to get rid of those long-unused things.

Clean the Oven and the Refrigerator

With the holiday binge and comfort food indulging, your oven and refrigerator sure did some major overtime. Scrub off all the baking and roasting debris from your oven, as accumulated grime may also cause your equipment to overheat and even catch fire. Defrost your fridge and throw out the food you’re not likely to eat anymore. Your uneaten food may cause contamination on your food racks and spread decay to the other items.

It may be tempting to quickly finish the winter effect assessment and rush the spring cleaning; the warmer atmosphere is beckoning. But before you enjoy more outside activities, ensure that your home is thoroughly free from the aftermath of the cold season.