Google Maps Update: New Features You Should Definitely Check Out

seo servicesGoogle is officially putting the finishing touches on the latest and most innovative features of the new Google Maps, which has been undergoing changes since May 2013. Maps is one of several free services from the tech giant that has changed lives the world over.

If you’ve used Google Maps lately, whether on the desktop or mobile device, you’ve probably noticed a new feature here and a small change there. The tech company is now rolling out the complete and updated Maps for all the world to see.

Here are some new revamps and additions that you should really check out, ones that can be very helpful for personal or business use:

Smarter Traffic

Aside from the improved graphics, the new Google Maps interface now includes real time traffic reports and predictions based on historical data. Commuters will love this new feature, as it’s a great tool when planning your route or mapping out how long it’ll take to reach your destination. The new Maps details how long your drive, walk, or cycling activity will take based on current and past traffic patterns.

If you’ve listed your business on Google Maps and Places before, this could mean better directions and easier navigation for your customers. If not, work with your trusted SEO company to make the most of your local search strategies.

Easy-to-View Review Information

With the recent update, you can now also see reviews and ratings in the clicked-on location on the Maps’ listings. Just click on any of the listed locations on the map and you can go over customer reviews, ratings, and even cost indicators. You can also immediately compare the location you’re searching with the related results based on the number of stars given by customers.

This is a great motivation for businesses to beef up their online presence by working with professional SEO companies and listing themselves on Google+. The stronger your company’s Google+ presence is, the better chances you have of getting mentioned in the ‘related results’ of Google Maps.

Trip Planning Tool

With this update, Google lets you map out the best path to tour an entire city based on the places you want to visit. It also includes air and travel in your rates so that you can plan entire trips—even overseas trips—from end to end. You just go the map service, click on the attractions you’d like to visit, and Google will map out your route. Google Maps even helps you buy tickets.

Every Google update boosts the user experience. It’s up to you to make the most of it for personal or business use. Be sure to visit Google Maps to check out all the new features.