Grooming: A Way of Loving Your Pets

You may see your pets roll on the ground, lick their coat, or chew at a mat on their fur. They are not only performing a normal habit, but they are also cleaning themselves. Animals have their way of keeping themselves a neat. Birds remove dirt and insects from their feathers by taking dust baths. Mammals, which include domestic animals such as dogs and cats, clean themselves by rolling on the ground and by licking their fur. Sometimes, however, animals need extra help to look their best and to keep themselves tidy.

The Start

Good grooming is also important to animals. At least this is what the first pet groomers think when they started grooming their domestic animals. Animal grooming has a long history, and it all began when domestic animals started to become a part of the family or household. Archives of ancient portraits and paintings testify dog grooming as an old profession and practice. In 1879, a famous book entitled The Book of the Dog was published, containing descriptions of dog grooming services and dog parlors. This serves as evidence that cat and dog grooming services in Long Island and other places was not a product of the 21st century.

Why groom your dog?

Grooming is a fun activity you can do with your pets. It creates a closer bond that can increase your relationship with them. Other than keeping health problems at bay, grooming can also help you monitor your pet’s condition. You can look for cuts, swelling, heat, lameness, and other indications of possible health problems during your cleaning sessions. Keeping your dog or cat clean can also avoid infestations or external parasites on skin.

Prep and pamper

While grooming primarily aims to keep your pets clean, it is also a process of enhancing your animal’s physical appearance. There are animal salons and kennels in Long island that use the most modern equipment and techniques to make pets look their best. You can also dress your pets and then flaunt them on shows or animal fashion competitions after. There are also services like dog boarding in Long Island where you can leave your dogs or cats whenever you have to travel.

Pets define their owners. Well-groomed pets show that they have caring and loving owners who groom them and keep them tidy all the time.