Hong Kong Protesters Forcibly Removed From Rally

hong-kongSeveral protesters were forcibly removed from a rally in Hong Kong’s Central Business District by police.

Hundreds of Hong Kong police forcibly removed kicking and screaming protesters from the Central Business District on Wednesday, holdouts of a mass rally demanding greater democracy from Beijing.

Resistance to removal

Many of the protesters linked arms in an effort to resist being removed, but they were taken away one at a time, in some cases by multiple police. The activists screamed, punched, and kicked before being bundled on to buses.

“I have the right to protest. We don’t need police permission,” the crowd chanted.

Challenge to China

The pro-democracy rally, which organisers said attracted over 510,000 people, and a subsequent sit-in mainly by student groups presents what could be the biggest challenge yet to China, which had resumed control over the former british colony on July 1, 1997.

“Civil disobedience is not a one-time matter. I will come out to protest again, because it is the only way Hong Kong can change,” said To Chun Ho, who was released on Wednesday without charge.

Hundreds arrested

Activists that refused to leave were taken to the police training school in Hong Kong. Over 500 people were arrested, with some charged with participating in an unauthorised assembly and obstructing police. Around 50 were released without charge.