How to Know if Your Space Can be Converted to a Loft

an empty loft roomMany homeowners fancy building lofts in their homes. Aside from being stylish, they add value to your home. Before you decide to convert a space in your house to a loft, some things should be considered first to know whether it’s feasible and practical. Here are the top four things that you must evaluate.

Space function

Before you look for furniture or buy steel supplies online, decide first what you’re going to do with the space. The building of the loft would heavily depend on the purpose of the space. Usually, it’s used as a guest room, a playroom, or a study room. Nonetheless, as long as the space and structure allow it, you can use it to your own liking. Perhaps it could also be a game room?

Height ceiling

Converting an existing attic to a loft is a lot easier, because you know already that you have enough space. Otherwise, you need to measure the height of your ceiling, and if it falls short, the external roof line needs to be adjusted.

Provision for stairs

You should refrain from overestimating the floor space. Aside from the loft itself, you need to remember that you must install a staircase. Some prefer to skip the railing for an airy atmosphere, but for security reasons, it’s better if you have them.

Expert advice

Building a loft is complex and requires heavy structural work. While the thought of doing it yourself seems exciting, you need to seek professionals’ service and advice to make sure that you don’t end up committing unforgivable mistakes that would compromise its durability, accessibility, and usability.

Having a loft may significantly increase your home’s value. However, before you begin with the heavy work, do a realistic assessment first. Otherwise, your expenses might shoot up, and you still don’t get the loft of your dreams.