It’s All About the Connection

A high-speed broadband connection is as essential as VoIP systems. After all, having fast upstream and downstream is important to transfer data more efficiently. But, there are times ISPs can’t provide bandwidths that are fast enough for large companies. Some may not even be secure to transfer files over the network. This is where getting leased lines can be a smart choice.

Unmatched Connectivity

Many ISPs may promise super-fast Internet connections, but nothing works best like leased lines. The lines are privately used, which gives you uninterrupted connection. These help prevent bandwidth congestion and slow data transfers. What’s great about the connection is you can choose from several speed options – from 20Mbps to 1Gbps. It’s important, however, to choose the right bandwidth that suits your business operations.

Superior Privacy and Industry-Standard Security

It might not always be enough to have firewalls set up to protect massive amount of data within your system. Unauthorized users or hackers might still find their way into your network and get data from your company. Fortunately, leased lines can prevent these from happening. Some leased line providers use sophisticated design and technology that standard telephone and network connections don’t usually have. Their connections work solely from one location to a specific endpoint, which prevents other people from accessing your network.

Symmetrical Functions

Unlike DSL connections, this networking option lets you download and upload data at the same speed. This makes the perfect option for maintaining servers or constantly transferring large files to another endpoint. You can even specify the speed for applications requiring bigger bandwidth. With leased lines, you’ll have no trouble maintaining a stable connection all day long.

A Wide Range of Network Designs

The technology used in leased lines has evolved throughout the years. You’ll find different types of network designs for a range of applications. Some designs use routers to extend network capabilities, while some install PBX systems to save on telephone bills. Specialized options are also available to suit the needs of customers.

Find a Reliable Provider for Your Connection

Many providers offer leased lines in the U.K., but it’s important to choose one wisely. Be sure to check pricing and packages to know if their service fits your business. Don’t forget to check different websites to get an idea on the quality of their service.