Loud and Proud: Creating a Sense of Community in Schools

Students engaging with one anotherFostering a sense of community in schools is just as important as developing individual academic excellence. When students embrace this, there’s a sense of ownership and responsibility that compels them to participate in activities. As you know, an active student body is crucial in reinforcing and improving programs.

Whether you are a school director, a teacher or a member of the Parent-Teachers’ Association, you can take inspiration from these tips to nurture the sense of community at your school:

Improve Shared Spaces

Classrooms are first priorities when it comes to school designs; of course, these are the actual learning spaces. But shared, informal outdoor spaces can also bring in fresh, new insights as well as enable learning to take place in a setting other than the four walls of a classroom. More importantly, shared outdoor spaces help to keep the school spirit alive.

For instance, playgrounds for preschoolers are a natural avenue for children to socialise and be introduced to the importance of community. Older children and youth, on the other hand, could spend time in green spaces and reap the many benefits associated with such an activity.

So, invest in creating more social spaces on your school’s campus. This doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Canopies, tents, and walkway covers for schools are a good addition already. Set up chairs and tables where students and teachers can hang out outside classrooms.

Dedicate a Day or Week of Celebration

There’s no better way to emphasize school spirit than committing a day or week in a year for it. Sure, there are simple ways to accomplish such a cause, but a big celebration puts the value of community in the spotlight, instilling it in everybody’s consciousness. Besides, it can also be a productive break for everyone, from students to teachers.

Think of activities that would maximise participation of all members of the school community. You can probably host a luncheon or dinner for students with their families or invite alumni to talk about how your institution helped them achieve success. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it gets everyone in the community involved.

Use Technology

Almost everyone nowadays goes online for leisure. Take advantage of this fact; interact and engage with members of your institution in the digital space. Translate the enthusiasm you built on-ground and create an online community.

The simplest you can do is to create a Facebook page or group. Launch Facebook contests and giveaways on your social media platform to sustain the interest of students. For instance, you may give free lunch for a week at the cafeteria for a student who can compose the best school chant for the upcoming inter-school football competitions.

When everyone in school embraces that school spirit, you become a formidable force. Foster a sense of community in your school by trying these simple tips.