Magnetic Drive Pumps: What They Are and Their Applications

magnet attracting sandIf you are shopping for a pump, doing research before buying one is crucial in helping you know what type is right for your application. And, while doing your research, chances are that you will stumble on magnetic drive pumps — one of the most versatile types of pumps available in the market today.

But, what exactly are these pumps and what are their applications?

Magnetic drive pumps got their name from the mode of coupling that delivers torque necessary to turn the pump. This pump uses a magnetic field to generate the torque, which is unlike the mechanical connection in most pumps. The design of these pumps makes them useful in propeller systems and liquid pumps since they have a physical barrier between neighbouring shafts.

The Applications

The most useful applications of these pumps are:

  • Underwater Autos

Underground vehicles have a propeller to enable movement through water. Electric motors cannot operate under water, making these pumps a critical design preference. The magnetic system protects the motor from water damage.

  • Refineries

Transportation of liquids is inevitable in a refinery setup. The liquids vary in viscosity, and the corrosive properties are in different stages. As these pumps are hardy, they can withstand the harshness of these liquids during transportation.

  • Solar Equipment

These pumps can withstand not only harsh conditions underwater, but also tough ones on land. They are, therefore, useful in solar heating systems.

  • Reverse Osmosis

Most companies use this method to remove impurities from water and improve its taste. Therefore, the pressure is a critical element in this process. These specialty pumps can supply the necessary pressure to separate impurities and chemicals.

Magnetic drive pumps are the most useful type in most industrial applications. Note that the pumps come in different sizes. It’s, therefore, important to pick the right size for your application. Also, since pumps are quite a significant investment, you will need to prioritise getting yours from a reliable supplier for quality assurance.