Mobile Refuelling Station as a Viable Business Project

Refuelling a carThe idea began as a temporary alternative to conventional fuel stations. Nowadays, more and more small business owners and budding entrepreneurs are getting their first taste of success by using portable fuel tanks as a mobile refuelling station.

Here are the reasons setting up a mobile refuelling station in your community is a viable business venture.

High Setup and Maintenance Cost

You will need a lot of money to set up and operate a conventional fuel station. First, you will need to acquire a portion of land where you can establish the station. A big chunk of your investment will go to building the actual fuel station.

Then there is the annual payment of state tax and required permits to operate, not to mention applying for insurance. Other expenses include the distribution and advertising, as well as transporting the fuel from the refinery to the station.

With all these expenses plus the salary of workers, gas station owners make little profit from their sales, according to studies.

Cheaper Alternative

The price of setting up a mobile refuelling station is way too small compared to the amount you need for setting up and operating a conventional gas station. As studies suggest, you could start your own mobile refuelling station with as little as US$10,000!

Depending on the tank you will use, a mobile refuelling tank can store between 4,000 and 10,000 gallons. Just make sure that you only get fuel storage that meets all the safety and quality requirements determined by the Australian Standards.

Adapt to the Needs

There are other benefits of having a mobile refuelling station. For instance, you can easily adapt to the fuel needs of the consumers, whether diesel, biodiesel, kerosene or gasoline. Also, you can easily expand your operations and meet the fuel demand of the community.

The growing population means meeting higher demands. With a little financial requirement to set up a mobile refuelling station, this could be your ticket to a successful business.