More Than A Billion Faces Of Facebook

facebook homeA new website, dubbed “The Faces of Facebook,” shows 1.2 billion faces of Facebook users.

Facebook users worldwide

The project collects more than 1.27 billion profile photos in Facebook on one web page, arranged in chronological order according by when the person joined the social network.

Users can sign in through their account to pinpoint their picture on the site and see where they show up in relation to their circle of friends.

At first view, the website seems like a colorful, pixelated site. Users, however, can zoom in to see individual pictures and then scroll around or click any photo to visit that person’s Facebook page.

Photos: A positive, universal message

Natalia Rojas, a self-proclaimed “creative technologist” from Spain, was the one who built the website, which was launched a week ago.

She said she was not breaking Facebook privacy policies since she is not storing anyone’s name, private information, or photo. Rojas explained she just linking out to public Facebook profiles.

Rojas said she took a year and a half to code the website.

The most difficult part, Rojas explained, was stripping out the default silhouette photos that appear on some inactive Facebook profiles.