NASA Plans Lunar Mission Again

If all goes as per plan, NASA will be on its way to moon again on Friday night, this time to study the Earth’s only satellite’s thin atmosphere and rough dust. The spacecraft, a robotic one called as LADEE will make its way to the moon via the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

NASA LADEE missionLADEE – Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer

LADEE’s liftoff is set for Friday night from the Wallops Flight Facility. With its launch, it will become the first spacecraft to be put into outer space from NASA’s Wallops facility. It will also become the first ever moonshot from Virginia in the whole 54 years of lunar missions.

LADEE is an unmanned Minotaur rocket that comprises of converted intercontinental ballistic missile motors.

If the weather permits, it would be visible on most parts on the East Coast, as far as South Carolina, as far north as Maine and as far west as Pittsburgh.