Regular Maintenance: Extending the Lifespan of Your Printer

PrinterThe printer is one of the most common office tools that are prone to damage due to being overused. With this, everyone in the company can print documents. Multifunction printers do even more: They function as a printer, scanner and fax machine.

Brands such as Fuji Xerox has multifunction printers that receivegood reviews for their performance, but you only enjoy the high-quality output if they are working properly. To get your money’s worth, practise these habits.

Change the toner and ink every now and then

Experts say that the lifespan of a printer will depend on the type of unit and its function. The type of printer also determines the type of ink it uses. Make sure you get the right ink and that you change the toner regularly.

Place your printer in the right location

The lifespan of a printer also depends on where you place it in the office or home. Look for a place that is not exposed to heat, cold or direct sunlight. Also, never put it in a place where it is prone to dust and other dirt. Fuji Xerox printer repair companies agree that exposure to extreme temperatures will affect the quality of output the printer can provide.

Repair jams immediately

When you are encountering paper jams, fix the problem immediately so that the printer can start working again. HP and other manufacturers show instructions on how to deal with paper jams and give tips to prevent them.

Quick maintenance

Do a thorough yet quick maintenance every first day of the week to identify any problems. Refill the papers, check the ink and do a print test to warm up the machine.

The benefits you get from a powerful printer would depend on how well you maintain it. Make the most of it by knowing how to deal with common problems and finding ways to prevent them.