A Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a House and Being Independent

As Beyoncé commands, “all the singles ladies, put your hands up!” Strong and confident single women have a certain flare and elegance only they can pull off. They can make their way to the top of corporate world, show off their amazing talents on stage, and teach the world a lesson or two with their words.

houseBeing a single independent woman has many perks, and research even shows that more single women are able to buy homes at an earlier age than most single men. If you are among the many women looking to take charge of your future, here’s a quick guide to buying and owning a home in Australia according to McCarthy Homes.

 Choosing the Right House to Buy

Proximity to work, style, size, and personal safety are some of the things single women should always look into when buying a residential property. It also needs to be close to establishments that provide utility repairs and installations for emergency reasons. To help single ladies even more, here are some tips on how to get started once you’ve bought a house of your own:

 The All-Important Toolkit

Better be safe than sorry. A toolkit with basic tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, a utility knife, and measuring tape will come in handy. Make sure you get a complete toolkit before moving to your humble abode.

Like a True Lady Boss

If you really need to call for professional help, make sure you have the authority. Some contractors treat women unfairly by giving them higher quotes. Don’t fall victim to this tactic by knowing how a pro works. Experienced and good contractors are people who are skilful and deliver quality jobs at fair prices. Talk to them with authority and trust your instinct when you think someone is fooling you.

Write It Down

You’re dealing with everything independently, but remember to put it all in writing. Ask for written copies of everything, from the contracts you sign when buying the house, to the services you’ll get to improve it. Promises are good, but written agreements are the only ones that can protect you.

Embrace your independence by handling things with assurance and confidence. Buy a beautiful house in a great neighbourhood and prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.