The Ever-Changing Landscape Of IT Certification

Man holding a cup of coffee while working on his laptop

In the world of information technology, you will only get anywhere with certification. Companies today need IT experts of all kinds, and you can only fill in available positions if you constantly improve yourself and expand towards more certifications.

To start in your career, you can start with the CompTIA A+ certification.

A Stepping Stone

A+ certification is the certification for entry-level IT professionals. In a program for this certification, you will learn the essential skills to become a personal computer technician. You will learn installation, configuration, upgrading, and repairing of computers.

With an A+ certification, you can pursue a career as a technician for different kinds of computers.

Only the First Step

You can take an A+ certification practice test to help you pass the exam. You can also find other review resources here in Utah. An A+ certification can be great to help you burst into the scene, but you still have to gather experience and more certification if you want to reach the top.

More Certifications to Take

Important certifications change over time as the needs of companies change. As a result, the certifications you can take to get ahead in the game also change. In addition to your A+ certification, you can take the following certifications that currently hold value in the IT world.

Microsoft and ISACA

Microsoft skills continue to be valuable assets today. In fact, you can gain an advantage with a Microsoft Office Specialist certification alone. ISACA certifications also hold value as companies demand skilled auditors.

The Cloud and PM

Finally, cloud computing and project management certifications will also be able to boost your career today. Cloud computing has become an invaluable tool for data storage, and app and infrastructure hosting.

As industries also integrate more and more hardware and software, expert project managers have become sought-after employees.

You can boost your career with the certifications above, yet you can expect their value to change by the end of the year. To anticipate these changes, again, you have to improve yourself constantly with better skills and more certification.