Top 3 Safety Mistakes in the Construction Industry

The construction industry remains one of the largest earning sectors in Australia. IBIS World reports that this trade has now grown into a $354 billion industry, boasting a steady 2.2% growth rate since 2010.
This growth, however, comes with a series of safety risks. Different reports indicate that safety in this sector remains questionable, despite the efforts of those in the industry. In 2014, construction ranked as the third deadliest sector in the country.

So, why are the statistics this glum for an industry that has never stopped growing for the past five years? Experts believe that this is because of many safety mistakes construction workers and companies commit. The three mistakes on top of the list are as follows:

Absence of PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) could mark the difference between an injury and a death in the workplace. As such, managers should always remind employees to wear the right PPE for different scenarios.

Inadequate Equipment Maintenance

Equipment hire company, ClassicHire points out that many businesses fail to maintain the assets they acquire. Lack of maintenance, after all, leads to accidents, regardless of what the equipment is.

Without proper upkeep, a construction company exposes its workforce to the potential dangers of the workplace. At the same time, it reduces the efficiency of the asset, which cuts through the business’s equipment ROI.

Lack of Risk Assessment and Control

Australia is pretty clear about how the company is responsible for the accidents that happen within its premises. This is the reason the country has a lot of occupational health and safety policies.

The problem, however, is that many meet only the bare minimum for this. As a result, the assessment leaves out some noteworthy risks in the report. This makes the company lacking in preparation and measures for the said danger, which eventually becomes a cause of an accident in the workplace.

By nature, the construction industry is quite high-risk. This is the main reason businesses should focus on the safety of its employees, not just, because it’s what the law dictates, but also because it is the right thing to do.