Toronto Mayor Pressured To Resign

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has discussed problems with angry protesters pressuring him to resign, after admitting smoking crack cocaine.


toronto mayorIn the latest in a string of defections since May, one of Ford’s veteran policy aides decided to quit.

Ford’s allies on the city council, on the other hand, claim they have lost confidence in him.

Authorities in Canada’s biggest city cannot legally remove Ford unless he is convicted of a crime.

Outside the city hall, more than 200 demonstrators were gathered as Ford arrived for work. He entered his office through a back stairway.

Startling announcements

Ford has finally admitted he smoked cocaine a year ago after months of accusations.

After his shocking admission, he made his second startling announcement that he would not be stepping down.

City councilor James Pasternak says he and several colleagues are asking Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly to request Ford again about resigning.

Ford’s office did not provide details other than to confirm Brooks Barnett’s departure, who is a Ford police advisor.

In Ford’s public apology, he said he was “embarrassed” by his wrongdoing, but promised to run for re-election.