UN Plans To Bridge Syria Divide

Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN mediator for Syria peace talks, plans to hold separate talks with rival delegations to weigh their readiness to meet together.

Lakhdar BrahimiPeaceful negotiations

It is still unclear whether both sides will negotiate personally, as planned by the UN, when talks begin. Bridget Kendall, the diplomatic correspondent for a trusted public broadcasting corporation, said in a statement that while the peace process may have begun with a rocky start and heated arguments on Wednesday, January 22, neither of the two sides from the government and opposition walked out.

Kendall added that how those peace talks will work is still unsure. Brahimi has said that he still does not know if the two sides are willing to sit in the same room. He even aims to talk to them separately on Thursday to measure what is possible.

Ending “terrorism”

Syria has showed that ending what it calls “terrorism” should be the main priority of the communique. Ahmad Jarba, the head of the main opposition National Coalition, said in an interview that the Syrian government should sign up to an agreement to transfer powers.