Understanding Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Water Treatment FacilityRural wastewater treatment systems are mainly on-site wastewater systems. This is because there is often no means of interconnecting residences in the rural areas. On-site wastewater treatment technology is also known as a decentralised system as it treats the sewage from business premises and homes near the place it is generated.

How Does The System Work?

An onsite wastewater treatment system {OWTS} has two essential parts: the drain field and tank. The tank has a capacity of at least a thousand gallons. Three layers form in the tank. Solids settle down at the bottom of the septic tank forming sludge while foam and grease float on top and form a layer of scum. The layers of scum and sludge stay in the septic tank area where bacteria break them down after which scum flows to the fields. In the drain field water, is passed through a series of pipes which are perforated through gravel and down to the soil which together with bacteria in it naturally filter and treat the wastewater.

Signs of OWTS Failure

For Naturalflow.co.nz, provider of wastewater treatment, it is important to monitor your system regularly for warning signs.

Warning signs of failure of the system include the presence of marshy areas or effluent runoff on your drain fields and strong odours. If you notice excessive vegetation growth in your fields, this could be a sign of system failure. In case of failure of your OWTS, you should contact a wastewater consultant or plumber.

Maintaining Your System

You cannot just install an OWTS and forget about it. Proper maintenance of the system is necessary to keep it functioning well. Trim trees and shrubs from drain fields to allow sufficient sunlight into your fields. Contact a professional to de-sludge your septic tanks every 3-5 years to avoid buildup of solids.

Avoid disposing non-bio degradable items down your sink and drains as they will clog the system. OWTS offers a low-cost and efficient option of wastewater treatment in small communities. It can deliver excellent wastewater treatment with proper designing, installation and maintenance.