Understanding the Divorce Process in Washington State

Couple filing a divorceIf you and your partner have decided to separate, it is best to take legal actions to settle all the disputes. Taking things legally is also the best way to prepare for the future, including the plans for yourself and your children. To stay on the right track, feel free to use the guidelines below.

Divorce Process in Washington

Even if you’re working with a divorce lawyer in Kent, it is important to be familiar with the framework and requirements of the process. In Washington, you may file a petition for dissolution for marriage. Discuss the following terms with your legal counsel to determine the best approach for your situation.

What Should You Do When You Receive Divorce Papers?

Once you receive divorce papers from your spouse, contact your lawyer right away to protect your rights. Keep in mind that your response to the petition may affect the judge’s decision about the case. Some of the things you should discuss with your lawyer include child custody, child and spousal support, marital properties, and other assets. Be sure to itemize the summons and petition carefully. Bring up all your concerns with your attorney.

Just like in most states, you have 20 days to respond to the petition in Washington. Use the time wisely and evaluate your options. Start working on the paperwork, including the documents and records that can be valuable to your case. While you can’t be hasty with your decision, make sure you can submit before the deadline.

What Happens After You File the Petition?

After filing the petition, you will receive a case number. Check the details and keep well-organized copies of all the documents. Take note of the trial date, so you can prepare with your legal counsel as well. While most divorce cases in Washington reach trial dates, some are resolved through negotiation or arbitration.

Divorce can be stressful. Focus on your priorities and find a trusted and reputable law firm to help you with your situation.