When Wristbands and Social Media Changed the World

WristbandIt’s a story that could only come from the mind of a Disney animator; it’s an improbable, too good to believe tale, with an optimistic eye towards the future. A wristband, worth no more than a dollar, with a simple message, brought the world together to stand against a disease and refuse to let fear overcome them. This was the story of the Live Strong wristbands that united the world back in 2004.

The power of that movement was celebrated mostly because of its message, but partly because of how it gained strength. Live Strong began gaining steam because of the attention it was able to get from social media; it was one of the first manifestations of what the then new technology was capable of doing.

The Power of Wristbands

In some ways, the partnership between social media and wristbands makes a lot of sense. The use of either tool doesn’t entail much cost, they both get the message across easily, and it helps people identify with a group. Even companies like http://www.myzone.com that primarily print tickets recognize the sharing power in wristbands, and offer printing services on them.

Live Strong didn’t improve the ability of medical science to detect or combat the disease, but it gave patients the support very few of them thought was even in the cards. Doctors have a consensus that the mental aspect of fighting a condition is one that only the patient and the people around them can supply.

The World We Live In

Wristbands are some of the few non-digital methods of information dissemination that can match the power of social media in regards to popularity and how easy they can communicate a cause. Enough attention can spring into support, and with enough support, funding and discoveries.

This is the kind of train of cause and effect that most people would have scoffed at if they didn’t see it working for themselves. Imagine, convincing people to spend time and money on a project they’ve seldom heard of before or may not affect them directly. But, this is exactly the kind of world we live in, and it’s a better one for it.