Why Australian Farmers Should Invest More in Product Handling

Worker wrapping boxes with foilNally bins and other product-handling equipment in Australia will be more necessary in the next ten years, as the industry wants to expand its reach to overseas markets.

Blackberry and raspberry export values have doubled between 2016 and 2017, according to Hort Innovation trade manager Jenny Van de Meeberg. Farmers should then make sure that berries are correctly stored and handled to avoid spoilage and continue the growth of overseas shipments. Manufacturers of nally bins such as A.I.M. Sales can help farmers do this.

Decade-long Plan

The Berry Export Strategy 2028 covers the export development plan for strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. While strawberry exports weren’t as strong as the other two, farmers still shipped 30 per cent more of the product in 2017. The export value for strawberries also increased by 26 per cent in the same period.

Over the next ten years, the export development plan will aim to increase the volume of strawberry production to at least eight per cent. By 2021, the raspberry and blackberry export volumes are expected to rise by five per cent. The strategy will mainly target countries where customers are willing to pay a premium for quality berries.

Target Markets

Berry exports in Europe, North America and northern Asia reached more than 4,200 tonnes in the previous financial year. Hence, exporters are targeting these regions for sustained activity. For instance, blackberries and raspberries are in demand in Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

On the other hand, strawberry shipments are more popular in Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand. As annual production of strawberries increases, it may not take long before the product becomes a more significant export commodity.

Many types of industrial bins are available on the market. However, choose a supplier who can provide an extensive selection of equipment for bulk and delicate produce. What’s your export strategy in the next decade?