Why More People Are Choosing to Build Kitset Homes

Home ConstructionWhen you hear about kitset houses, what kind of structure comes to mind? Do you imagine it as something like a traditionally built home or just a regular box they call a house? Here are some answers for you.

Just Like a Traditional House

Kitset houses of today in New Zealand by Durapanel come in various designs, layouts, colours, styles, cladding, and even have options for roof materials and interior fittings. It’s highly similar to choosing materials that would go into building a traditional home, except kit sets are pre-assembled off-site and are put together on-site to build a house with a basic or customised design.

Energy Efficient and Environment-Friendly

Do not underestimate the efficiency of these homes. The pre-fabricated structures come with insulation as a standard and also use double-glazed windows to ensure a truly energy efficient home. You can also have solar panels and a grey water system included in the build of a kitset home to make it a sustainable home and one that is built for the future.

Highly Customisable

As mentioned earlier, these kits can be customised to suit your requirements and taste. It’s similar to mixing and matching designs and styles to achieve the exterior and interior look, as well as the layout that you like. As it allows for customisation, you can be sure that whatever is used to build your home is something that you like and you’re building a home that you like, exactly the way you want it.

Cost Effective

Because kits are pre-designed following a template, materials are used wisely and efficiently, thus reducing the wastage in building the parts that will become the pre-assembled structures to be put together to make an entire home. This is what makes it a cost-effective option for those who are looking to build a green home in a shorter span of time.

It’s easy to see how kitset homes can change the way we live and why it’s the home of the future. Whether you’re building your first home or a family home, kitset houses can offer you the architectural charm of a traditional home with cost-effective, energy efficient, and environment-friendly customisable options. Build the home you’ve always wanted with a kitset!