Workplace Woes: Top 3 Things You Should Do Before Filing an Accident Claim

Asking for compensation when you’ve had an accident at work is your right. Laws in the UK provide for employees who have been victims of negligence or accident in the workplace. But, you must understand that depending on the company you work for, this may be either an easy process or a complete nightmare. Be prepared to go in front of a judge and hear your case if your employer is resistant and does not want to compensate you for the damages.

work accidentStill, even if the accident was largely your fault, the fact that it happened at work makes your company liable is some way. So, if you’ve had a mishap, here are the top things you should know when making a claim for an accident at work:

• The Statute of Limitation is Three Years

This means that from the time and date the accident happened, you have three years in which to file the claim. You can start immediately or go for a private settlement with your company. If you’re lucky, your employer may avoid litigation completely and just pay for your expenses and damages.

• Get a Solicitor Immediately

Don’t ever think that you don’t need a work accident solicitor. The sooner you can get one, the better. This lets you minimise mistakes and have someone advocate for your justice even while you’re recuperating or you’re going back to work. Make sure that you find a specialist who knows his or her way around the claim for accident at work.

• The Family can Continue the Claim Even After the Victim’s Death

To prepare for the worst situation, make sure the victim’s family is aware of what to do. They can continue to file the claim three years after the victim is gone.

While it’s difficult to think that you may have trouble at work, it’s better to be prepared for every eventuality.